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 How We Approach Your Financial plan

Understanding what is important to you and your family to help you identify and reach your dreams is critical. Although there are many ways to work toward your financial dreams, the key is answering these five important questions.


Step 1: Where Are YOU Today?

Before you can set realistic goals, you must determine your current needs. When you share information, including a list of monthly expenses, last year's tax return, retirement plan statements and brokerage, bank or other financial statements, it will help provide an overview of your current situation.

Step 2: Where Would YOU Like to Be?

After determining where you are today, the next step is to set specific goals that can be related to:

• Preparing for Retirement

• Kid’s Education Funding

• Kid’s Marriage Funding

• Living in Retirement

• Planning Your Estate & Inheritances

Step 3: Can YOU Get There?

Based on your current situation, future income requirements and comfort level with risk, you can work with your financial advisor to create and implement strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

Step 4: How Do YOU Get There?

Our investment philosophy centers on buying diversified,* quality investments and holding them for the long term. You will be introduced to a variety of asset allocation models, and your financial advisor can help you select the appropriate mix of investments in each category.

Step 5: How Can YOU Stay on Track?

Meeting annually can help ensure that you stay on track. If any of your goals or circumstances have changed, we can make appropriate updates that address your evolving needs.

Schedule an appointment today with your Dreamlize Financial Advisors to discuss your answers to these five key questions. Doing so can help you work toward and achieve your financial goals.