Invest Online
1. What would Dreamlize do?, What are objectives ?

A.  The company would enable investors to meet needs in a productive, cost effective manner by leveraging technology. is an online value-added investment platform for Indian and NRI investors. It has a strong vision and mission to empower investor’s awareness about financial products and connect the suitable technology with the growing complex financial products/investment.

2. What can an investor do with
3. Why
4. What are the challenges which Dreamlize.inmwill try to resolve ?
5. What is the product range?
6. How can we contact you?
7. How does Online Platform work?
8. Who creates investors?
9. Who would know of the password?
10. Can a minor have a joint account?
11. What are the nomination rules?
12. Is there any paper work required?
13. Is KYC mandatory?
14. In case of change of address, what is the process?
15. How can Investor add/ change second and third holder details in his account?
16. Which funds do you support?
17. How long does it take to make clients live?
18. Some schemes are not available for SIP. Why so?
19. What is the cut off time for investors?
20. Who is managing the payment gateway ?
21. Which banks have tied up with Tech process?
22. My registered bank is non HDFC bank. But when I select HDFC bank for transaction, the same does not happen. Why?
23. Can I purchase the funds through some other person account?
24. Can NRIs transact?
25 .What about offline customers?
26. What if a transaction fails?
27. Can only customer who transact online use this service?
28. Will the customer be able to see his offline as well as online transactions in single place?
29. Is Intra fund switch supported?
30. Can I do switch across fund houses?
31. Can investor purchase multiple funds at one go?
32. Whether WRAP and shopping cart can include SIP?
33. What is SIP process?